Hiroyuki Nishimura


Director of Faculty of Fiber Science and Engineering

Kyoto Institute of Technology, JAPAN

Councilor of the Japan Society of Polymer Processing

Gold level member of Society of Plastics Engineers

He graduated from Kyushu University with a master of degree in Chemical Engineering and joined Osaka Gas Co. in 1978.

He has been engaged in R & D of plastic pipes for gas distribution and hot water supply and plastic materials for gas appliances and rubber materials for seal in the Energy Research Laboratory in Osaka Gas Co. for approximately 30 years. He received a PhD from Kyushu University concerning a research of the failure mechanism of polyethylene pipes for gas distribution in 1993.

He transferred from Osaka Gas Co. to Kyoto Institute of Technology in2010.

He has continued evaluation of plastic pipes at the Lifetime Prediction Center in KIT.

He also received an award on the outstanding paper entitled ‘A Quality Control Method for MDPE Pipes for Gas Distribution Using Fatigue Behavior’ from the Japan Society of Polymer Processing in 1992 and received an award on the development of electrofusion simulation technologies for jointing of large PE pipes from the Japan Gas Association in 1996.


Kyoto Institute of Technology (KIT)

Matsugasaki, Sakyo-ku, 

Kyoto 606-8585, Japan


FAX: +81-724-7337